Asbestos Today, Still Dangerous!

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So did you know about asbestos? No? Yes? ah you should better know it, why?

Asbestos is one of the home materials that contain some dangerous materials. It contain about 6 elements that harm your health. Based from several sources, asbestos cause lot of disease such as Asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer.

asbestos on old houses

Lets check the title of this post, it’s called “Asbestos Today, Still Dangerous” I am so serious! based from, the asbestos case still hope until today!

Darwin’s Dripstone Middle School has been closed after suspected asbestos was found at the site…. sources

I actually think that the asbestos cases news will hard to find nowadays, but OMG! there is so many asbestos news every week, sound bad for us, so what we have to do?

First, you have to understand that asbestos is 100% danger, the second thing is you have to check your home, your office or your buildings and make sure no asbestos material in there.

If you suspect there is something suspicious in there, then call the expert, where? go to council to find the list of licensed assessor. What is assessor? assessor is a person qualified to do an asbestos inspection in a building.

Why we need assessor? in general doing asbestos cleaning is not recommended because it will hurt you. When asbestos dust inhaled, then the micro material from asbestos will harm your body especially your lung.

Please also remember that sometimes its hard to make sure a material contained asbestos or not, so you need to make a test for it. I will not explain in detail about asbestos removal in this post but you assessor will guide you for sure.

About the number three, if your assessor found asbestos material in your home, then you have to make a decision, I recommend you to get asbestos removal professional to handle it, don’t wait anymore times because asbestos totally dangerous and government has banned asbestos.

blue asbestosJust for your information, asbestos has 6 types in nature, and the blue asbestos is one of them, the most dangerous and it’s why I use “blue” name on my blog url and title 🙂 . Blue asbestos is dangerous but you also need to be aware on another asbestos types, white asbestos is the most popular and it’s easy to find. Most asbestos cases found at old building specially in insulation material, but the roof, wall, ceiling are also reported as asbestos sources.

Some of you maybe now thinking that this post is like a joke and not so important, but I guaranteed the asbestos in your home will find you, the old home parts may contain asbestos so be careful about it. The most important action right now is, you know the danger of asbestos and you know how to fix it. I just want to warn you that in several countries including in Australia, asbestos removal procedures is under government law, so don’t ever touch the asbestos because it will make you hurt even can harm people near your home. Find expert then find the solution. In the next post, i will post other articles about the asbestos and related to this thing.