Drying Cabinets

Genlab celebratimages (7)e organizations 50th Anniversary in 2013 and one of the main staples in its product line during this time has been its dependable range of Drying Cabinets. Genlab Drying Cabinets are steadily improved and developed over the years, to offer excellent drying performance on a huge selection of items.

We export our products globally and a few of our Drying Cabinets have found their way into laboratories, universities and schools across the world for glassware and instruments drying applications. Along with this, Genlab Drying Cabinets they can double for any web sites warming applications as well.

Genlab currently manufacture two variations of Drying Cabinets inside the uk the standard non- insulated units and insulated models provide significantly improved energy efficiency and therefore lower operating costs. One of our insulated Drying Cabinets has become on test and among the oldest several prestigious Universities on the planet as part of a research project minimize energy consumption and promote energy efficient technology nationwide. You will find making the results of this project public soon, but initial findings look extremely promising.

Our products also enjoy a deserved reputable name longevity and it is not uncommon for 20 + year old units to be returned for some basic servicing, before being returned back to its owner for renewed operation.
Every Drying Cabinet in the Genlab range is fully C.E. compliant and comes with the peace of mind of a full two year warrantee. We also always strive to offer the client the quickest turnaround time from keeping order to delivery and provide excellent customer support from the headquarters in Widnes.

If you want to purchase a Drying Cabinet please you can also call Genlab on +44 151 424 5001 to go over your goals. Alternatively you can visit the Genlab website for additional information on the Drying Cabinet range at http://www.genlab.co.uk/drying-cabintets. We firmly believe our surefire units provide you with the service you require and will get.

Established in 1963 Genlab currently employs approximately 40 people at its headquarters in Widnes, Cheshire. Industrial oven and incubator manufacturing is the primary focus of enterprise enterprise and the whole units are produced in the united kingdom. Whether you want a standard product, a completely bespoke design, Genlab prides itself on being able to tailer products to meet every customers requirements.

Still privately owned, the corporation has grown significantly in recent years. This is as because of a clear focus on providing true and quality levels that our customers demand, at highly competitive prices The annual turnover of the business is currently over 8.5 million and 2013 was a special year marking Genlabs 50th anniversary. Alongside this a lot of our staff are long serving members, a great enormous enlightening experience in bringing thermal engineering for the customer.
Quality happens to be at the centre of Genlabs business activities and the company has held the BS EN ISO 9001 quality standard for over 15 various years.


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