Hello NSW, Hello World!

Hello there, hello world! Blue NSW (New South Wales) blog is here. Thanks for coming and reading my first post, this blog is special blog that I created to spreading the words about asbestos and the dangers of it.

I can’t post so many sentences in this welcome post article, but I just want to make sure that you will know what asbestos is.

In general, asbestos is one of the most popular home material that in fact this material was banned and forbidden. Asbestos contain several mineral that can harm human health. You can find the asbestos in the roof, wall, ceiling, pipe and other parts in your home.

We can see the effect of asbestos after several, let say about 20-30 years later, so don’t play with asbestos!

New South Wales state including Sydney, New Castle, Wollongong, Central Coast and other cities reported has several asbestos cases in there, so in this “Hello Words” post, I want to make sure that you will be aware about the existing of asbestos.

Why this blog named as bluensw.wordpress.com? it’s because I want to focus in this area. Okay no words here, so just read my articles via this blog and enjoy!


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